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Carbon Monoxide is a deadly toxic gas that is undetectable due to the fact that it is colourless, odourless and tasteless. Each year hundreds of people are killed across North America in their own homes by this poisonous gas known as the silent killer.


Carbon Monoxide is produced by the incomplete combustion of the fossil fuels that are present in very common household appliances like furnaces.


Dangerous amounts of Carbon Monoxide can easily accumulate when these common appliances are installed incorrectly, not maintained properly or damaged. If fuel is not being burned properly or houses are poorly ventilated Carbon Monoxide will begin to fill the home to the point where it is fatal to anyone living there.


Carbon Monoxide kills by entering an individual's lungs and displacing oxygen from the bloodstream. When Oxygen is not present in the bloodstream it affects the function of the human body's vital organs like the brain and the heart. The longer a human is exposed to an environment with a high presence of Carbon Monoxide the greater chance they have of perishing. It is known as the silent killer because it is undetectable and in many instances kills residents of homes while they are asleep.


Because Carbon Monoxide is colourless and odourless it is impossible to detect without the aid of a properly installed Carbon Monoxide Detector. In fact a Carbon Monoxide Detector is such an important life saving tool it is mandatory for home owners in many states and provinces across North America. A Carbon Monoxide Detector operates in a similar manner to a smoke detector. When Carbon Monoxide is detected in the home the Carbon Monoxide Detector will begin beeping, alerting the residents of the home to the potential threat that they otherwise would have been unaware of. Since Carbon Monoxide can easily be generated by everyday appliances it is absolutely necessary to protect yourself and your family by installing a monitored Carbon Monoxide Detector.


Installing a Carbon Monoxide Detector is a great first step but it is not enough to fully protect yourself from the danger of Carbon Monoxide poisoning. The final step is getting your Carbon Monoxide Detector Monitored by a security company's monitoring center. When your Carbon Monoxide Detector goes off the monitoring center will be alerted and will call you to make sure you get out of the house. They will also dispatch the emergency services to your home to check the levels of Carbon Monoxide in you and your family. In the event that you are away the monitoring center will contact you and inform you that you should be careful upon return to your home due to high levels of Carbon Monoxide.


A Monitored Carbon Monoxide Detector is an absolute must for any home owner. If you don't have one installed or you would like to learn more contact Selkirk Security Services today!



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