Fire Extinguisher Services

Selkirk Security offers the following fire and safety services:


Fire extinguisher sales, inspections, maintenance, recharging and hydrostatic testing, emergency light & exit sign sales, testing & maintenance and commercial kitchen fire suppression sales, installation, certification and inspection.




Fire Extinguishers - Dry Chemical - Water - Co2 - Mobile


Selkirk Security has fire extinguishers to cover your home or business requirements. Our Team of Fire Safety Technicians are fully trained and qualified to provide Annual Inspections, Maintenance, Recharging and Hydrostatic Testing of your Fire Extinguishers. Selkirk Security is proud to boast their two Fire Extinguisher Service Stations located in the Boundary and Kootenay Districts. In addition to our professional services Selkirk Security also sells a complete line of Fire Extinguishers and Safety Equipment for your home or business.





Maintenance, Recharging and Hydrostatic Testing



If you use your fire extinguisher, discharge it, or you notice the arrow is on the red zone, bring your fire extinguisher to our office for inspection, recharge or repairs.


DO NOT `TEST` your fire extinguisher to see if it works! Call Selkirk Security to have our trained technician attend and complete the required annual inspection for you.


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If you use it, even for just a second, the air pressure will leak out, and the next time you need it.




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