Special Hazards Systems


Kidde IND Dry Chemical System

Could you afford to have your production line shut down due to a fire? Is there room in your operating budget to replace machinery and facilities damaged by fire? If your company is typical of today’s high-productivity, cost-conscious facilities, the answer is, “No.” The Kidde IND Dry Chemical System is your best choice for protection of any industrial process or machinery where hazardous liquids or hazardous materials are involved.


The Kidde IND System is available in two basic configurations: as a local application system or a total flood system. A local application system is designed to protect a specific piece of equipment, a total flood system is recommended for protection of enclosed rooms or spaces. In addition to the configurations, the Kidde IND System also offers options for detection and control to create a system that will be ideal for your application. Selkirk Security can help you design the right system, and the right approach, for your application.



NAE Automatic Extinguishers


Because it is a statistical fact that there are a lot of fires in commercial cooking facilities, restaurant fire suppression systems have changed to protect the modern kitchen. Having a good fire protection system in a restaurant or institutional cooking facility is more important than ever before.







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