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All homes should have smoke detectors installed in them. One step better, all homes should have monitored smoke detectors . You should have a minimum of one smoke detector on each level of your home and depending upon the square footage of your home you may require more. I usually like to recommend to people to have a minimum of  2 monitored smoke detectors per 1000 square feet per level of their home if it's a fairly open floor plan. Best case is one per room but that can get expensive.


You can also do a combination of 2 monitored on each level and then install regular battery type sensors in all the other rooms. It's always good to have both so that you have a backup.


Having monitored smoke detectors are a great way to protect your family and home. If there is a fire and your monitored smoke detector trips, your monitored alarm system will communicate to the monitoring station and they will dispatch the fire department. This can save valuable time in a fire emergency. Also if you're not home you can have peace of mind knowing your home is protected for fire.


Monitored smoke detectors are also a good way to protect the family pets when you're not home. Many pets die in fires. Seconds count when there is a fire, the faster the fire department are dispatched the better.


If you have monitored smoke detectors you may also be eligible to receive higher discount on your home owners insurance policy.


Monitored smoke detectors can be installed using wired or wireless technology. Depending upon the brand of your alarm system and the layout of your home. Wired is less expensive to install but unless you pre wired your home at the time it was build or unless you have a large attic it may be too difficult to install the wiring needed. If wires cannot be installed then the wireless option is best. Although the wireless option may be more expensive, there are advantages. Wireless smoke detectors are fully supervised. If there is a problem with the sensor, low alarm battery or the sensor is removed it will show up on your keypad as trouble.


If you don't have monitored smoke detectors you should defiantly call your alarm monitoring company and get more information. It could save your life on day



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