Inspection Services Protect Your Home and Business

As the leading Security & Safety service provider in the Kootenays, Selkirk Security is distinguished by our Vision and Values. We can help you keep your facilities in compliance with applicable codes & insurance company requirements. Our scheduled Testing, Inspection and Maintenance services help ensure the performance and reliability of your Security & Safety systems. 


Burglary Alarm Systems

•  Help keep your home or business safe with periodic inspection and preventive maintenance that includes updating of codes and programming, retraining (if required), testing shock & glass-break sensors, cleaning motion detector optics, aligning magnetic door sensors and more .


Access Control Systems

•  When Access Control systems are down, no one gets into the building and productivity is compromised. Our scheduled inspection and maintenance helps ensure uninterrupted system performance that gives authorized personnel the access they need.


Surviellance Camera (CCTV) Systems

•  Your Video surveillance is running 24-7. This demands the highest level of uptime. Our inspection and maintenance program for your CCTV system includes updating of firmware, checking operating system programming, retraining (if required), checking connections and cleaning and re-alignment of cameras.


Personal Emergency Systems

•  PERS or Personal Emergency Response System makes sure that someone you love is protected from unwanted falls, trips, medical or security emergencies. Our inspection and maintenance program helps ensure uninterrupted system performance and gives you peace of mind that the system will work as it should when needed.


Smoke Detectors

•  Selkirk Security's service program includes functional and sensitivity testing, cleaning, parts replacement and stock supply to keep your detectors fully operational while minimizing false alarms.


Enviromental Systems

•  Temperature and water sensors are a critical part of any home. A temperature sensor alarm will alert your alarm panel if the ambient temperature reaches a certain high or low level. This device is invaluable to anyone who owns a cottage, cabin, trailer, or commercial building that endures harsh winters. Flood sensors are great for those who maintain a summer home or cottage that is only occupied for a few months out of the year.  It will alert the homeowner to septic backup, exploding pipes, cracked and leaking foundations, and storm flooding. Our Inspection and Maintenance program includes functional and sensitivity testing & cleaning to keep your detectors fully operational while minimizing false alarms.


Sound, Data & Comunications Systems

•  Intercom, Paging, Messaging, Telephones, Wireless, Data systems – your operations depend on them to be in top working order.  We can help you optimize the performance and quality of your sound and communications infrastructure.


Fire Extinguishers

•  They're your first line of defense in an emergency. Yet national statistics report that more than 25% are under-pressurized at any time. Our scheduled Preventive Maintenance keeps them charged and ready to use in a Fire.


Fire Alarm Systems

•  Expose and resolve problems before your people and property are put at risk. Scheduled Testing, Inspection and Preventive Maintenance keep all components – control panels, pull stations, detectors and annunciators – ready for an emergency.


Kitchen/Range Hood Systems

•  Prevent injury and costly losses with scheduled Inspection and Maintenance of these vital fire suppression systems. Keeping them in good working order will help ensure that they can meet the challenges of high-temperature oil and solid fuel fires.


Emergency Lights & Exit Signs

•  To avoid a dangerous failure in an actual emergency, schedule periodic Testing and Inspection in accordance with NFPA 101. Our thorough check identifies problems, and we will replace defective units.


Special Hazards Systems

•  Special Hazards Systems such as clean agent or dry chemical fire suppression is an important part of your operation. Selkirk Security's inspection program includes checks of the distribution piping network and nozzles, release mechanism, and detection devices, helping you keep these systems ready to protect your property and staff in an emergency.


Automatic Sprinkler Systems

•  Selkirk Security's comprehensive Sprinkler Testing and Inspection Services conform to NFPA Standards. Our Qualified technicians understand the complexity of your system and will find & correct problems that could impact safety, and will provide the documentation you need for compliance with your insurance company and local fire dept.  



24-Hour Service from Qualified Fire, Safety and Security Protection Specialists

When it comes to Fire, Safety and Security protection, it is vital you have every device available and in perfect working condition, at Selkirk Security Services Ltd. we help secure the safety of our clients with annual inspections of your Fire, Safety and Security. Call our qualified technicians for the best in products and services, including:


•  Fire Saftey Inspections
•  Security Systems
•  Fire Saftey Equipment Maintenance and Repair •  CCTV Systems
•  Fire Extinguishers - Sales & Services •  Kitchen / Rangehood
•  Fire Saftey Equipment Installation
•  Sprinkler Systems


Protect Your Customers, Employees and Residents

Ensure your residents are safe in their condos or protect your customers, employees and business equipment with the latest dry sprinkler system. Selkirk Security helps you save irreplaceable lives and valuable property from accidental fires and arson in:


•  Institutional Buildings and Medical Facilities
•  Residential, Commercial and Industrial
•  Condos and Multi-Family Dwellings


Serving the Greater Trail and the West Kootenays Since 2006

The friendly technicians of Selkirk Security treat you with the same courtesy and concern we give our own families. A locally owned and operated company since 2006, we care for the communities of Southern British Columbia and the Greater Trail Area.



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