Centeral Station Monitoring

Our affiliated Central Monitoring Stations is ULC certified and located right here in British Columbia.  For redundancy purposes the monitoring station is interconnected with eight additional monitoring stations, five (5) located in Canada three (3) additional ones located in the United States.  Each monitoring station connected by Redundant, Fiber Optic Networks, in addition to multiple UPS and Backup generators, Multiple Auxiliary Power Sources, Redundant Phone Systems, Network Servers and Redundant Automation Systems.  This redundancy insures that we provide fail safe monitoring for your home or business alarm system 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Every day we review all the signals sent from your home or business security/fire panel to the central station, looking for any panel troubles, missed auto-test signals, and general alarm issues.  This level of over site often allows us to notify clients before they are aware of a problem.

In the event of an alarm our central monitoring station will customize your alarm response to fit your individual needs and requirements.


Our Monitoring Station is Equipped to monitor:
Medical Emergency

Hold Up
Carbon Monoxide
Water and Flood

Temperature Extremes (Low Temp/High Temp)

We can Monitor your system by:

Regular Telephone Line (POTS – plain old telephone system)
GSM/Cellular (Similar to your 3G Cellphone)


How Monitoring Works:



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