Security Consulting Services


Reduce security risks and increase safety.


Threats to your home or business can be manmade or natural: break-ins, fires, rock-slides, vandalism, chemical spills, or even a breach of your information security. Understanding potential vulnerabilities and risks is crucial to preventing them and planning a proper response.


Selkirk Security offers professional security consulting expertise to help protect your business. Our security consultants are highly trained and qualified, with the advanced skills and extensive experience required to provide advice and guidance.

We also offer complete planning and design services, which include product selection, project management and budgeting for your security implementation. To ensure you get the most efficient, cost-effective solution, we focus on combining the right technology with the right people.


Our full range of Security Consulting Services include:


Security Programs


Our experts can provide a comprehensive look at your security vulnerabilities and risks, existing security programs and equipment, recommendations for improvements according to budget and requirements, and implementation services should they be required. Security program planning can be customized to suit your needs. 


Emergency Programs


Developing emergency protocols in advance is important in situations that could arise suddenly, such as accidents, natural disasters or medical emergencies. Planning and training exercises allow you to be as prepared as you can be to minimize the dangers to life and loss to your business.


Business Continuity


Knowing how to carry on after a major disruption is crucial in mitigating losses. In the event that something like a loss of power, flood or fire disrupts your business, having a plan that includes alternate work sites, offsite storage, mutual aid with neighbouring businesses, or how to recover information, makes it possible for your business to continue to operate.


Loss Prevention


Selkirk Security can help you address the very real problem of customer shoplifting, industrial shrinkage and employee theft by carefully reviewing the root causes and making recommendations using loss prevention technology provided by Selkirk Security.